The High Desert Detailing Difference

So what’ is the High Desert Detailing Standard?  Is there a difference?

We know there is!

But first a word from "The Head Geekster"

"We talk alot about technique and products on this site, but for all that, the distinguishing characteristic of  High Desert Detailing is Passion.  We really care about the work we do and strive to achieve the best possible results; both for our own satisfaction and that of our valued customers."


There's more than a subtle distinction between High Desert Detailing compared to many other Santa Fe Car Wash and Detail Shops.

The first, and in our opinion, the most significant, is training. The owner, Lance Sones, long time auto enthusiast and former owner of Gasoline Alley, a local Santa Fe auto repair businesses, apprenticed and was trained by one of the country's foremost Paint Correction/Renewal professionals. Lance continues his affiliation by consulting with some of the country's best known professional detailers.

Besides training and dedication, in most cases, other detail shops in Santa Fe limit themselves to using one brand of product. We know that not all car care products or vehicle detailing supplies are created equal. Far from it!

We have a wide variety of products to choose from. We know that each vehicles paint, leather or upholstery, all of the various surfaces, are different and require different techniques to both Clean, Condition and Protect.

At High Desert Detailing, we simply use a better quality of car detailing products. Our polishes, waxes, interior and exterior detailing products have been carefully selected from the foremost manufacturers that are dedicated to the car care professional. This is one factor in creating a superior finish that both protects and enhances your vehicles appearance.

But to understand what sets High Desert Detailing apart from the crowd, one needs to be alert to the fact that the use of incorrect chemicals and lack of know how, is not only detrimental to your cars paint (as pictured below) but over time adversely affects both the interior surfaces as well as causing potential health issues.



swirled paint


Perhaps what might appear to be the simplest procedure, washing your car, is actually where the most damage to the paint occurs. Not all Car Washes and Detail Shops take the necessary steps to prevent damage to your cars paint. In fact, some car washes – especially those that use rotating brushes or agitating cloths - will damage your vehicle’s paint over time. Even those that claim to be a "Hand Car Wash".

Have you ever wondered how often, if ever, those car wash mitts used at commercial drive thru's get changed?  After all, it doesn't take long using the same mitt on dozens of cars and trucks for it to become full of dirt and grime. The results of careless, improper washing and drying are those spider web type swirls, and sometimes scratches, like those seen in the image above.

 Have you seen the following? We have.

Your car is washed by someone using what appears to be a soiled mop bucket. The attendant uses one mitt (condition unknown) to wash everything from the bumpers, rocker panels, hood, doors, roof, etc. From the Bottom Up!!

Let’s look at two of the most often used car wash facilities. Drive-through “Soft Touch” car washes and Touchless car washes. They both use harsh products to chemically clean your car.

These products are detrimental to your cars plastic and rubber trim.  Both of these types of car washes not only remove dirt, they strip your wax with it, and both have been known for adding “beading” agents into their rinse water so that owners have the illusion that they still have wax on their car.

That's not how to wash a car!

At least if you want to do your best to keep from causing swirls in the paint and possibly scratching the finish. Choosing one of our  Detailing Options, here's how we proceed: Santa Fe's Best Hand Car Wash



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