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 We want to thank Anthony from Bon Vivant Automotive Care

for allowing us to share this informative video.

After watching this video it shouldn't take much to visualize the damage a drive thru car wash that uses spinning brushes can do to your vehicles paint. Even cloth brushes can scratch your cars paint; particularly as they accumulate debris from all the cars that went before you. And then there is how a car is dried; but that's another story ...


Our comprehensive Hand Car Wash is designed for those wanting to avoid the scratches, swirls and harsh chemicals used by automated car washes; including the extreme water pressure and chemicals used by touch-less car washes.

Soiled and contaminated brushes, wash mitts and drying towels used by many car washes, more often then not, results in fine, and sometimes deep scratches in your cars paint finish.

We use only the highest quality car wash products and techniques. With a variety of the softest premium car wash mitts, to the specially formulated pH balanced soaps that help prevent any marring and scratches caused by friction.

We devote the same care and quality to the interior, windows, tires and wheels.

The wax's we use can lengthen the life of your cars paint. A coat of high quality wax, as well as providing a deep shine and gloss, helps protect against bugs, tar, tree sap, and airborne contaminants.

Prices for an EXTERIOR wash & wax start at $59.95 (includes windows in and out, wheels/tires cleaned and dressed) and vary by size of vehicle, and the condition of the interior. *

Many Santa Fe Auto Detailing Shops consider our Complete Geek Wash and Wax to be their idea of a full detail!

The less cluttered the inside of your car, the more thorough the cleaning. So, Please make an effort to Remove any personal items prior to your appointment.


If the interior of your car is considered very dirty, You think it's very dirty, your wife/husband

thinks it's very dirty, everyone agrees it is very dirty,

There will be an additional charge.


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