Why High Desert Detailing


We're assuming that you came here because you care about your vehicles appearance and condition.

As is true with most products or services, because they may share a common term doesn't mean they are of equal quality. The same holds true in the 'Art' of Automotive Detailing.  Many Santa Fe detailers perform only the basic “wash and wax” service. Using a generic "one size fits all" product to "shine" your car. Their business emphasis is on speed and turnaround.

To the untrained eye, people tend to judge a cars appearance by how "clean" the paint or interior seems. They look right past the swirls, scratches and marring that were imparted by improper washing and drying. A process that actually damages the paint. And in all likelihood, if continued, is only going to get worse.

They are also unaware of the potentially harmful chemicals that may have been used on the interior surfaces.

The essence of our work is the commitment to provide our customers with the finest interior detail and paintwork finish attainable. We are thinking about your car and not the next job.

Before beginning any project, we carefully inspect both the exterior and interior of you car. We understand that each vehicle's finish is different and requires a different technique to fully clean or correct. We may perform a test spot on one of surfaces to determine the best  combination of products or pad and polish that offers the best level of correction and finish. This process can require alternating between many product/pad combinations until the desired result is achieved.

Our Interior Detailing is second to none. We use Steam to help break down grime and contaminates. Steam also has a sanitizing effect that eliminates bacteria, the cause of many odors. Following the cleaning process, we use only the highest quality Solvent and Silicone Free products to dress and treat the various interior surfaces.

Our Paint Correction process offers the finest restoration of your cars paint, to a state that the car is unlikely to have seen before, even when new.

Remember, It is not waxing, but polishing, that offers the most improvement in the overall appearance of paint.

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